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new yorker best books 2015

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They convinced me that I know nothing about people—that there are zones of emotion and thought as far from my mind as the moon is from the Earth. It is generally a long and thorough answer. Looking back, I realize that my favorite books this year were those that drew me away from the ordinary social world and into very different spaces. Our criminal-justice system received more attention this year than in a very long time. I remember reading his book late at night, haunted, as Stevenson recounted what it was like to talk to a client after failing to stop his execution, knowing the man would soon be put to death. At times, I felt as if I were reading a book from another era, or at least wishing the injustices Stevenson described were a thing of the past. Two collections of stories mopped the floor with me this year.
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The 10 Best Books of 2015

First of all: can we agree that the novel has a great title? But on this special day, when Elias feels that he has something remarkable to communicate, his class of teen-agers is as lumpen and bored as ever, and, in frustration, he quits the school and walks toward the center of Oslo. The rest of the novel, another hundred pages or so, unfolds as Elias stands at a traffic circle near Bislett Stadium, in Oslo, and just thinks : about how he will never return to the school where he has worked for twenty-five years; about what he will tell his wife, Eva Linde, and how they will live without his salary; and, most importantly, about human relations. Thinking about his wife prompts Elias to recall his best friend, Johan Corneliussen, because Elias first met Eva in his company. Johan was always the more dynamic and impressive of the two—an intellectual star, a brilliant philosopher, while Elias was just plodding through university, on his way to becoming a schoolteacher. Johan had no difficulty attracting girlfriends, including the beautiful Eva Linde, while Elias lacked the necessary charisma.

Broadly speaking, Krohn is a speculative writer; one of the novels in the . For me, the best book of was Kent Russell's essay collection “I.
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Szabo, who died in , first published her novel in , in the last years of Communist rule; this supple translation shows how a story about two women in 20th-century Hungary can resonate in a very different time and place. This revelatory collection gathers 43 of them, introducing her to a wider audience as an uncompromising and largehearted observer of life whose sympathies favor smart, mouthy women struggling to get by much as Berlin herself — an alcoholic who raised four sons on her own — frequently did. A divorced woman traveling in Greece, our narrator, talks — or rather listens — to the people she meets, absorbing their stories of love and loss, deception, pride and folly. Coates writes to his son with a cleareyed realism about the beautiful and terrible struggle that inheres in flesh and bone. If sugar was the defining commodity of the 18th century and oil of the 20th, then surely cotton was king in the 19th century.



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