Anarchism and other essays pdf

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anarchism and other essays pdf

Emma Goldman’s “Anarchism Without Adjectives” – The Public Domain Review

This is available in book form nice and cheap from Active Distribution. I would recommend Red Emma Speaks as it contains this, plus other texts. An account of work and industrial conflict at the alternative newspaper the San Francisco Bay Guardian written by typesetter Tom Wetzel in The libcom library contains nearly 20, articles. If it's your first time on the site, or you're looking for something specific, it can be difficult to know where to start.
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ANARCHISM AND OTHER ESSAYS - Full AudioBook - Emma Goldman

Anarchism and other essays - Emma Goldman

Feminist theory worldwide is confronting - perhaps as it always has done - a series of deep challenges. On the one hand, awareness of gender and sexual inequalities seems high; on the other, co-optation of feminism for nationalist or other right-wing agendas is rife. On the one hand, feminist social movements are in ascendancy, on the other there is a continued dominance of single issue feminism and a resistance to intersectional, non-binary interventions. If we add in the collapse of the Left in the face of radical movements such as those underpinning Brexit and Trump and the frequent blaming of feminism for fragmentation of that Left then it is hard to know what to argue, to whom, and for what ends. In the face of such claims it is tempting to respond with a dogmatic or singular feminism, or to insist that what we need is a shared, clear, certain platform. I want to argue instead - with Emma Goldman anarchist activist who died in as my guide - that it can be politically productive to embrace and theorise uncertainty, or even ambivalence, about gender equality and feminism. This project centres late 19 th and early 20 th century anarchist activist Emma Goldman as the point of attachment through which I explore several related aspects of contemporary feminist and queer historiography and politics.

Second Revised Edition. With this I do not mean to propose a peace treaty. The general social antagonism which has taken hold of our entire public life today, brought about through the force of opposing and contradictory interests, will crumble to pieces when the reorganization of our social life, based upon the principles of economic justice, shall have become a reality. Peace or harmony between the sexes and individuals does not necessarily depend on a superficial equalization of human beings; nor does it call for the elimination of individual traits and peculiarities. This seems to me to be the basis upon which the mass and the individual, the true democrat and the true individuality, man and woman, can meet without antagonism and opposition.


Emma Goldman, "Anarchism and Other Essays" Chapter 3 - The Psychology of Political Violence

The history of human growth and development is at the same time the history of the terrible struggle of every new idea heralding the approach of a brighter dawn. In its tenacious hold on tradition, the Old has never hesitated to make use of the foulest and cruelest means to stay the advent of the New, in whatever form or period the latter may have asserted itself. Nor need we retrace our steps into the distant past to realize the enormity of opposition, difficulties, and hardships placed in the path of every progressive idea. The rack, the thumbscrew, and the knout are still with us; so are the convict's garb and the social wrath, all conspiring against the spirit that is serenely marching on. Anarchism could not hope to escape the fate of all other ideas of innovation.


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