Dragon and tiger qigong pdf

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dragon and tiger qigong pdf

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Dragon and Tiger is a year old traditional Chinese medical Qigong system consisting of seven movements that are performed as a sequence. More generally it protects against and speeds up the recovery time from many illnesses. Techniques from this highly effective qigong system have been applied in Qigong Tui Na bodywork for centuries in China to heal others energetically by clearing blockages in the energy aura. Ideal for any age or fitness level, B. The most complete qigong systems have hundreds of movements that take over an hour to perform this is one of the differences with neigong, which focuses on few movements with a great deal of content. Even when done imperfectly and by people who have limited range of motion or are wheelchair bound, the exercise is immensely beneficial.
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Demo 2: Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong with Related Energetics

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Having played Qigong for many years now, I found it a bit slow at first, but as with any good instruction, there are always new things to pick up or new ways of looking at old material. Thanks for the time and attention to detail of all those involved in practice, instruction and production of this course. This work is deeply transformational on many levels and once I started training with Bruce and some of his Energy Arts teachers, I entered a world of the real internal energetics of this practise. I discovered this site by luck and chance. I am a meditator practicing meditations for a long time, almost a decade I should say. Energy arts material and methodology of delivering the modules are outstanding, and are of high standard and caliber.

Option A: Ideal Pattern Figure 1 1. Inhale very slowly and steadily while you raise your hands and trace your palms and fingers up your inner leg to your lower tantien and around your great meridian and back to your lower tantien.
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