Truth and other enigmas pdf

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truth and other enigmas pdf

Truth and other enigmas (Book, ) []

Dummett on Analytical Philosophy pp Cite as. This essay is an abridged and slightly adapted version of chapter 14 of my book The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Making Sense of Things Moore, Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.
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Dummett on a Theory of Meaning and Its Impact on Logic

He wrote on the history of analytic philosophy , notably as an interpreter of Frege , and made original contributions particularly in the philosophies of mathematics , logic , language and metaphysics. He was known for his work on truth and meaning and their implications to debates between realism and anti-realism , a term he helped to popularize. He devised the Quota Borda system of proportional voting, based on the Borda count. He was called up that year and served, initially as a private in the Royal Artillery before joining the Intelligence Corps in India and Malaya. He was also awarded a fellowship to All Souls College, Oxford. He won the Rolf Schock prize in , [8] and was knighted in His work on the German philosopher Frege has been acclaimed.

Truth and other enigmas

Michael Dummett was one of the most influential British philosophers of his generation. His philosophical reputation is based partly on his studies of the history of analytical philosophy and partly on his own contributions to the philosophical study of logic, language, mathematics and metaphysics. The article deals first with the historical work, then with his on-going project, concluding with a brief discussion of his influence. Of his historical work, it is his commentaries on Gottlob Frege that are of outstanding importance. He holds that Frege advocated a realist semantic theory.

As he sees it, an adequate elucidation of the concept of truth requires nothing less than the construction of a satisfactory theory of meaning. At the same time, resolution of the traditional problems of metaphysics turns critically upon the way in which the concept of truth applies to each of various large ranges of statements, and especially upon whether the statements in each such range satisfy the principle that every statement must be true or false. In an extensive preface, Dummett comments on the essays and seeks to relate them to the philosophical background against which they were written. Who Needs an Author? In his new book Author Unknown: The Power of Anonymity in Ancient Rome , classicist Tom Geue asks us to work with anonymity rather than against it and to appreciate the continuing power of anonymity in our own time. Here, he discusses the history—and strength—of anonymous works of literature. Richar ….


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