Leadership and self deception summary pdf

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leadership and self deception summary pdf

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The Arbinger Institute. Members of the Arbinger Institute have written an important book that has the potential to change the way you think, behave, and live your life, both personally and professionally. This book simply and effectively addresses a core problem in human nature: self-deception. Presented as a series of conversations between two businessmen, one acting as a mentor to the other, the book walks you through the kinds of events that put you "in the box" of self-deception. Then, the book explains how you can get out of the box and, just as importantly, explains how to avoid getting stuck in the box in the first place.
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Leadership and Self-Deception explaines how our self-centered and self-aggrandizing tendencies can eradicate our natural empathy and kindness and ruin our relationships. We may consider them as simple nuisances to our well being and see them as objects. The main issue of this distorted worldview is that of blaming others instead of looking at our own contributions. The authors say that sometimes we still harbor negative feelings about the people around, but we externally manifest positive feelings and nice behavior. Our box thinking can feed on itself in a vicious circle. For example, if we feel we are superior and more knowledgeable than the people around, we will block off new information.

Leadership and Self-Deception Summary and critical review. Also available in PDF.
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Self Deception blinds us to the true causes of problems, and is the inability to see that one has a problem. It inhibits our ability to make wise and helpful decisions, and prevents us from appropriately understanding the natural consequences of our own choices. An act contrary to what I feel I should do for another is called an act of self-betrayal. When I betray myself, I begin to see the word in a way that justifies my self-betrayal. When I see the world in a self-justifying way, my view of reality becomes distorted. So-when I betray myself, I enter the box.


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