Finite element analysis theory and practice mj fagan pdf

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finite element analysis theory and practice mj fagan pdf

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File Name: finite element analysis theory and practice mj fagan
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Published 04.01.2019

What is Finite Element Analysis? FEA explained for beginners

Finite element analysis : theory and practice / M.J. Fagan.

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Lizard skulls vary greatly in shape and construction, and radical changes in skull form during evolution have made this an intriguing subject of research. The mechanics of feeding have surely been affected by this change in skull form, but whether this is the driving force behind the change is the underlying question that we are aiming to address in a programme of research. Here we have implemented a combined finite element analysis FEA and multibody dynamics analysis MDA to assess skull biomechanics during biting. A skull of Uromastyx hardwickii was assessed in the present study, where loading data such as muscle force, bite force and joint reaction for a biting cycle were obtained from an MDA and applied to load a finite element model. Fifty load steps corresponding to bilateral biting towards the front, middle and back of the dentition were implemented. Our results show the importance of performing MDA as a preliminary step to FEA, and provide an insight into the variation of stress during biting. Our findings show that higher stress occurs in regions where cranial sutures are located in functioning skulls, and as such support the hypothesis that sutures may play a pivotal role in relieving stress and producing a more uniform pattern of stress distribution across the skull.

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