History of palestine and israel book

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history of palestine and israel book

Israel and Palestine: The Complete History Book and eBook

Learning about Israel and Palestine seems incredibly intimidating—where do you even start? However, let me just get this out of the way: none of these books are non-partisan or unbiased. So I will admit, the books on this list are biased, but I will say, there is a diverse range of bias here. Some are pro-Palestine, others pro-Israel, and by varying degrees. There is a definite upside to learning about Israel and Palestine by exploring both sides without normalizing what you might find reprehensible, like some of the anti-semitism or anti-muslim sentiment that occurs during this debate.
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Palestine history book

Enemies and Neighbours: Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel, 1917-2017 – review

We felt it was a better translation of it. Ian Black opens his excellent new history of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Enemies and Neighbours , with a note on terminology titled Language Matters. Words matter. They are the building blocks of the contradicting narratives each side has continued telling themselves, and the world. A veteran reporter and former Guardian Middle East editor, Black spent decades immersed in both Israeli and Palestinian societies, fluently speaking their languages. He notes how the Hebrew and Arabic used by the warring communities, as well as their culture and daily lives, have been affected and formed by the conflict.

In addition to the searchable database, we provide some short lists of recommended books about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, about Islam and the history of the Middle East and Iraq, and links to other bibliographies. Your suggestions and reviews are welcome. The list is meant to provide a broad and balanced spectrum of views. The listings below together cover all current MidEastWeb book listings with some overlap. Arab Middle East and North Africa. Bahai Religion. The Holocaust.

by Michael B. Oren

Both events provoked consternation and scorn from many countries, and offer the latest twists in the Israeli-Palestinian saga: two peoples on an everlasting — and seemingly irreconcilable — path to peace. Israel and Palestine: The Complete History seeks to explain the overall story of Israeli and Palestinian tensions and divisions in the region., Conflicting or irreconcilable narratives mean that works which tell the story of, and from, both sides, are rare. Here are ten others which in different ways and at different times have made a significant contribution to illuminating this unending story.

There is a great proliferation of literature written about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Much of it is valuable, insightful, thought-provoking and eye-opening, whatever perspective you approach this issue from. Plenty of it is… not. But the same could be said for any important contemporary issue and as always its important to have an insight into what is worth reading - on the history, culture, contemporary situation and perhaps what the future might hold. But they are books that have had an emotional impact, and helped us better grasp the context in which we work.


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