Childrens books about diversity and inclusion

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childrens books about diversity and inclusion

25 Amazing Inclusion Books for Kids • A Day In Our Shoes

Books, of course! When Lena and her mom take a walk through their neighborhood, she notices that there are many different shades of brown skin, and she begins to see her familiar world in a new way. The author wrote the book for her daughter, Lena, who she and her husband adopted from Guatemala. Titular character Marisol McDonald is a Peruvian-Scottish-American with red hair and brown skin who prefers mismatched outfits and peanut butter and jelly burritos. They have charming illustrations, gentle rhymes and a simple plot that shows a day in the life of a child with same-sex parents. A positive look at LGBTQ families, these are great books for kids with two moms or two dads, as well as for kids who could benefit from seeing a different kind of family structure. Pink Is for Boys is a beautiful picture book that empowers kids to express themselves in every color.
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Same Difference (A Children's Book Story by Calida Rawles) - Official Video

30 Children’s Books About Diversity That Celebrate Our Differences

One of the great things about books is watching kids connect the dots between what they read and what they experience. Embracing diversity and inclusion and acceptance is really important for young kids. And, books can help them get there. My kids love books. Kevin is prone to making a huge mess of books. I keep all of their books in one toy chest in their room.

Best Children’s Books About Diversity

The world is a diverse place., Check them out below. News U.

It is important that every preschool teacher and parent have access to great picture books. You also need books that help children develop their own character. This list focuses on building community through inclusion and the strength that comes from a diverse community. Some of the books teach this explicitly, and some are more implicit with the lesson. All have wonderful messages for young children. Morris is just who he is. Who he happens to be is a boy who loves to dress up in an orange dress.


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