Ultimate stretching and flexibility book

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Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility by Brad Walker

Stretching is a pleasant ritual for many people, myself included. For many others, athletes and couch potatoes alike, stretching is also a bit of a drag: a duty that weighs on the conscience, one more thing to make time for. And yet they still do it, counting on the benefits. Can all these people be barking up the wrong tree? This large article makes the scientific case against the typical stretching habit in detail. I play sports the same way with or without it. I still get just as sore, whether I stretch or not.
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Published 28.12.2018

Beginners Yoga for Flexibility: Hip Openers & Stretches for the Splits, 20 Minute Class, How to

The Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility is the book you keep with you wherever you go. It's an easy-to-use, quick reference guide for anybody involved in.

The Anatomy of Stretching

When The Anatomy of Stretching was originally published, it was the first book to cover the topic of anatomy and physiology for stretching and flexibility. Since then others have been written, but no other book on the subject contains more examples of stretching exercises, or is able to take detailed anatomical information and present it in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. This is where The Anatomy of Stretching is different: it is able to take you inside the body and show you both the primary and secondary muscles in action during the stretching process. The Anatomy of Stretching looks at stretching from every angle, including: physiology and flexibility; the benefits of stretching; the different types of stretching; rules for safe stretching; and how to stretch properly. Aimed at fitness enthusiasts of any level, as well as fitness pros, The Anatomy of Stretching also focuses on which stretches are useful for the alleviation or rehabilitation of specific sports injuries. Plus in this second edition, over twenty new stretches have been added; the chapter on physiology has been expanded; more detailed anatomy has been included with each stretching chapter; the top five stretches for a range of sports and sports injuries are listed; and a new numbering system has been included to help reference each stretch.

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The Anatomy of Stretching – 2nd Edition

Have you ever wondered what sources I use here at the Stretching Institute? Well, here is my top ten list. The following publications contain the best information on stretching, flexibility, and how to deal with sports injuries, and everyone has my personal support for the quality of their content. Forgive me for my publications, but good; If I did not think I could address some of the books on stretching, flexibility and sports injuries, I would not have cared. Have fun while reading! A fast and easy-to-use reference for anyone involved in health, physical activity, and sports activities. It is designed to minimize the risk of sports injuries and improve athletic performance.


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