Sola busca tarot deck and book set

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sola busca tarot deck and book set

Sola-Busca Tarot by Mayer: a piece of history | The Queen's Sword

It rarely happens I treat a deck with reverence. Sure, my tarot and oracle collection is worth a lot to me and I take good care of any deck. But with the Sola-Busca I had the urge to use those white cotton gloves curators of certain museums use before touching a rare, ancient, valuable object. There are three modern reprints of the Sola-Busca Tarot nowadays, but according to art historian Giordano Berti two of those are either incomplete or absolutely distorted for colors and sizes. The only deck that could be described as a perfect copy of the Sola-Busca I just spoke off is the deck that was re printed by Wolfgang Mayer in And this is the one I am currently looking at, while typing this review.
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Sola Busca Museum Kit is here! Let's take a quick look

Whatever you think of the predictive power of tarot cards, the story of how humanity has produced them and put them to use provides a fascinating cultural history of the last years or so. The Sola-Busca tarot deck, whose name derives from those of its last two owners Marquise Busca and Count Sola, set a structural precedent for decks to come by being divided into those sets of major arcana or "major secrets" and minor arcana or "minor secrets". Among others represented Gaius Marius, uncle of Juluis Caesar, and Bacchus," as well as now more difficult-to-identify personages from later centuries.

Sola-Busca Tarot by Mayer: a piece of history

The only Tarot deck of the 15th century that has come to our day complete with all 78 cards. The cards are placed in an elegant golden bag and, together with the booklet, are inside a refined book-shaped box, designed by the art designer Letizia Rivetti and produced by expert Italian artisans. Alternatively, you can have the same deck, together with the booklet and the leaflet with divination instructions, in a simpler box, covered with marbled paper. All cards are full illustrated, for the first time in history, with dynamic characters. The 22 Triumphs depicting heroes of Greek and Roman history and, in two cases, of biblical story: Nenbroto Nimrod and Nabuchodenasor Nebuchadnezzar. The symbols are slightly different from the traditional ones: Disks instead of Coins, Clubs instead of Wands; Amphorae instead of Cups.

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More About These Cards

One of the oldest tarot decks ever created, the Sola Busca is known for its alchemical symbolism and for having inspired many of the minor arcana of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The first entry in Lo Scarabeo's Anima Antiqua Ancient Soul series, this deck is now available as a deluxe kit with a guidebook in a premium hardbox., The Sola Busca Tarot is a redrawing of the oldest existing tarot deck, printed in the late fifteenth century in Italy.

The Sola Busca tarot is the earliest known example of a card Tarot card deck. It was created by an unknown artist and engraved onto metal in the late 15th century. Photographs of a complete version of the deck were donated to the British Museum by the Sola-Busca family of Milan in In this way, the scholar Arthur Mayger Hind , curator at the British Museum and art historian of old master prints, was able to compare the color version owned by the Sola Busca family with the cards held by the British Museum in a printed version purchased by the British Museum in In , Arthur Mayger Hind described the Sola Busca Tarot in his Early Italian Engravings and supposed that the deck was engraved around and then hand painted in , as results reading some inscriptions on the cards. He also supposed that the deck was created for a Venetian client by Mattia Serrati da Cosandola, a miniaturist operating in Ferrara. In fact, many inscriptions on the cards refer without any doubt to the Republic of Venice.




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