Modern books based on romeo and juliet

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modern books based on romeo and juliet

Romeo and Juliet Retellings ( books)

Today the literary world is honoring the life, and death, of William Shakespeare. Point is, Shakespeare inspired some important works, and his influence stretches far and wide and into contemporary literature. Add to Bag. Fool , by Christopher Moore Moore has a real gift for putting his own spin on big stories. He works to help get Cordelia back into the kingdom, pushes against Regan and Goneril, and gets in plenty of trouble along the way, as a fool is want to do. It actually had a run as a sold-out off Broadway play in Characters who never had a single line such as R2-D2 suddenly have beautifully written soliloquies, and beautiful, woodcut-esque illustrations are peppered throughout.
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A chronicle of Afghanistan's modern-day Romeo and Juliet

What are the best books inspired by Romeo and Juliet?

Prince of Shadows by Rachel Caine is a historical romance book for young adults. This book was published in This book is a retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet tale. Thanks for voting! Please tell us why you like it! Please tell us why you don't like it!

These Romeo and Juliet retellings will satisfy any craving for our favorite star-crossed lovers, with creative, unique, and modern additions to make it feel fresh.
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Romeo and Juliet (FULL Audiobook)

S hakespeare famously customised existing plots when writing his plays, and added to them an acute perception of human experience which gave them universal significance. Thwarted love, ambition, greed, jealousy, fear — if you want to write a story about a fundamental predicament, there is a Shakespeare play to fit the bill. So it's not surprising that he has inspired so many writers, from Herman Melville to Angela Carter. He dealt in archetypes before anyone knew such things existed, and his ability to take an emotion or a situation and push it to the limit helped create a cadre of plays that have been endlessly staged — and copied. But Macbeth is my favourite — a preference I apparently share with Jo Nesbo, who recently announced that his new noir crime novel would be based on the Scottish play. Its sinister magic is also the inspiration behind my historical novel Dark Aemilia. In Jacobean times, the occult was accepted as part of everyday life, and witchcraft was both feared and sought out as a useful resource.

Good old Will has earned his place in the literary canon for good reason. I mean, the guy invented words, remaking our language. He is responsible for the most cunning, hilarious insults. These stories—of love and betrayal, of revenge and jealousy, of ambition and folly—speak to the human condition. Every reader should find something to pique their interest among these 13 adaptations and homages to the Bard.


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