Germany and the second world war book series

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germany and the second world war book series

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Bernhard R. Volume V Part II of the comprehensive and authoritative Germany and the Second World War series spans the years to , and looks in closely researched detail, and against a background of growing military setbacks and disasters leading to final defeat, at the administration and ruthless exploitation of the occupied countries and of Germany's own allies, and the effect on their populations in particular their Jews, Roma, and Sinti and national economies. This comprehensive study of the meteoric rise to prominence of Hitler's crown prince Albert Speer, and his struggle to implement a 'total war' armaments policy in the face of opposition from the Party's Gauleiters and political rivals in the Nazi leadership, documents with a wealth of maps, diagrams, and tables the achievements of the arms drive he masterminded; a large part of this success is shown to have relied on the forced or slave labour of those under German domination. The conflicting claims of industry and the Wehrmacht for dwindling manpower resources are also considered.
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Germany and the Second World War: Volume I: The Build-up of German Aggression The top history books of last year picked by Amazon Book Review Editor, Chris Schluep. . The series will quickly establish itself as an indispensable.

Historical Fiction Set During World War II

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This is the sixth volume in the comprehensive and authoritative series, Germany and the Second World War. It deals with the extension of a European into a global war in the period from to It focuses on the politics, strategy, and operations of the belligerent powers as Germany lost the initiative to the Allies, and it represents, both in content and in composition, the climax and turning points of the war. Series description This is the sixth in the magisterial ten-volume Germany and the Second World War series. The six volumes so far published in German take the story to , and have achieved international acclaim as a major contribution to historical study.

From action-packed eyewitness accounts such as Guadalcanal Diary to devastating Holocaust memoirs like The Diary of Anne Frank and Night to the thrilling espionage tale of Operation Mincemeat , World War II is the subject of some of the most fascinating and influential nonfiction books ever written. Each year, seemingly dozens of new titles emerge to offer fresh perspectives and uncover fascinating details about the deadliest conflict in human history. These twenty-one classics cover the war from the Eastern Front to the South Pacific, and investigate its murky origins and complex legacies. Make your next great read one of these essential World War II books. In his powerful new account of the Normandy invasion, renowned author, historian, and Royal Historical Society fellow James Holland delivers a fresh look at one of the defining battles of WWII.

Set in , this alternate-history spy thriller takes place in a world where Nazi Germany launches a massive U-boat attack that eventually leads to British surrender. Meanwhile, the United States continues to defeat Imperial Japan by use of atomic bombs. The threat of mutually assured destruction leads to a peace treaty between the United States and Germany, with these two competing superpowers then finding themselves in a Cold War-type scenario two decades later. The novel follows Xavier March, a former German SS detective investigating a plot to cover up the events of the Holocaust which most of the world is unaware of. In the hope of improving relations with the United States, March begins eliminating high-ranking Nazi officials. The plot revolves around a several characters, including an American Jew passing himself off as a gentile to survive, a Nazi assassin undercover as an Italian truck driver, and Japanese and German spies wrapped up in a power struggle between the two superpowers.


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    Germany and the Second World War (German: Das Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg) Germany and the Second World War is the English translation of the series which Clarendon Press (an . The first edition of Volume IV also included a separate spiral-bound book of 27 maps in the original German version.

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