The rag and bone shop book summary

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the rag and bone shop book summary

The Rag and Bone Shop by Ali Cassels on Prezi

Sign up for our newsletters! In the end, both of the book's main characters discover they have gone too far. It turns out that Jason had visited Alicia the day of her death. Jason wants to do all he can to help the police catch her killer. He agrees to tell them everything he knows. They turn to a man named Mr.
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Rag and Bone Shop Audiobook by Robert Cormier

The Rag and Bone Shop Summary & Study Guide

The Rag and Bone Shop was released in His books have been translated into several different languages. The Rag and Bone Shop was Corimer's final novel before his death. In this novel, Trent is a famous police interrogation officer working in Vermont. He is known for his percent confession rate on all of the cases he works as a police interrogation officer. While he is employed by a police station in Vermont, police stations from around the country call him in for help on important cases.

In Part 1, the novel opens with Carl Seaton confessing to murdering three people, a family, in a home that Carl broke into. Carl is making the confession to Trent, who appears to be an attorney because he is recording the confession and mentions that the police are on their way. Carl is a year-old boy that broke into the home of Aaron and Muriel Stone to steal guns from them while they were supposed to be way on vacation. When Carl goes upstairs, after finding three loaded guns, he finds the family is home and shoots all three of them while they are sleeping. Carl sees himself as a metaphor for God as he stands in the doorway of the sleeping family bedrooms. He realizes he has the power to decide what happens to them, and he

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Rag and Bone Shop A 7-year-old girl named Alicia has been brutally murdered -- pounded in the head with a rock -- in the woods near Monument, Massachusetts. Twelve-year-old Jason Dorrant, a friend of Alicia's, is the prime suspect because he was the last person known to have seen her alive, although there's no physical evidence to tie him to the crime. There's heavy pressure to arrest a suspect, partly because the victim was a friend of Senator Gibbons's daughter, so the local police bring in Trent, a Vermont detective with a reputation as a crack interrogator who always lands a confession. Click here to see the rest of this review. Trent is undeniably good, and a confession will surely advance his career with the help of Senator Gibbons. But Trent also despises himself because he may be TOO good at getting people to admit guilt, even when they may not be guilty.

Part I Summary

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read., The Rag and Bone Shop is Robert Cormier 's final novel, published October 9, , eleven months after his death.

Cormier's The Chocolate War final novel, published posthumously, is characteristically dark and thought-provoking as he delves into "the foul rag-and-bone shop of the heart," from the Yeats poem. The author offers an in-depth study of two complicated characters: Trent, an ambitious and renowned interrogator who holds a perfect record wrenching confessionals out of criminals, and year-old Jason Dorrant, suspected of murdering his neighbor, seven-year-old Alicia Bartlett. The killing attracts much publicity plus the attention of a senator. The local police, anxious to solve the case quickly, call on the expertise of Trent to get Jason, the last person seen with the victim, to confess to the crime. The interview between Trent and Jason evolves into a taut, sinister mind game as the interrogation expert twists the boy's thoughts and manipulates his words.




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